hong kong litigation law firm

Litigation Lawyer’s Tale of Two Sides – Appearing the Court Hearing and Listening to Client’s Story

Litigation Lawyer – Who are they and what are they doing?

hong kong litigation law firm
hong kong litigation lawyer

Litigation refers to a legal dispute between two or more parties, and they are known as litigants as defined by wikipedia. In courts, these litigants are assisted by litigators who are also known as litigation lawyers or trial solicitors. These types of lawyers represent defendants and accusers in civil lawsuits. In Hong Kong Law Firm majority of the lawyers are litigation lawyers like in many other countries in the world, because a high percentage of the legal professionals focus on practicing the law on litigation. Hong Kong is considered as the International Capital of Asia especially due to its highly professional law firm and especially due to the quality and the standard of services maintained by the litigation law firm. Lawyers in the law firm of Hong Kong are basically of two categories namely solicitors and barristers whose standards are maintained by the two associations, The Law Society of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Bar Association respectively and litigation lawyers in Hong Kong can be both solicitors and barristers. However, it is the litigation lawyers in Hong Kong who are paid the highest due to their significant roles played in most of the civil cases.

Litigation Lawyer in Hong Kong : What Cases are Handled by Them?

The litigation lawyers are mostly known for their expert handling of civil cases by investigating facts, gathering evidence and tracking down witnesses which are a challenge for most of the professionals in the field. Therefore being a litigation lawyer in Hong Kong is not a simple thing. They need to focus on many factors when a case is handed over to them by the client while they rarely work on a single case at a time. Most of the Hong Kong litigation lawyers handle several cases at once regarding different clients and deadlines. Any case that is not a criminal case is considered as a litigation case in the Hong Kong Litigation Law Firm. These litigation cases can cover a wide area of law as follows:

  • Cases regarding personal injury: The litigation lawyers who assist these types of cases legally represent plaintiffs alleging physical or psychological injuries caused by individuals or organizations to their client’s party.
  • Divorce cases
  • Employment Law: This includes employment discrimination litigation.
  • Wrongful death
  • Product liability
  • Toxic Tort
  • Medical Malpractice: Medical Malpractice lawyers assist cases that concern professional misconduct in the medical field including the ignorance of doctors, nurses, therapists, dentists and technicians and all kinds of health providers.
  • Intellectual property law: This type of litigation cases considers the inventions of human beings that include patent protection.
  • Mediation: Alternative dispute resolution

According to the Hong Kong Litigation Law, the form is a popular area in the legal services field as the majority of the civil cases belong to this type.  Litigators in Hong Kong not only represent individuals they also assist companies and other organizations who require legal assistance. Litigation Law Firm in Hong Kong is one of the highest paying legal practice areas. Though money should not be given the highest consideration when choosing the type of lawyer an individual wants to be, becoming a trial lawyer or a litigation lawyer will get an individual paid with high dollars. Becoming a litigation lawyer in Hong Kong is not a simple goal. It requires dedication and skills. Few of the skills that should be developed by litigators are as follows, in order to assist their clients in the best possible ways.

  • Conveying information with clarity
  • The logical presentation of information
  • Persuasive communication skills
  • Mastering legal terminology
  • Having a developed listening habit.

Out of all these skills, a litigation lawyer should always possess the skill of analytical and logical reasoning which includes,

  • The ability to study written documents and making connections with legal authorities
  • The ability to structure and evaluate arguments
  • Having the ability to arrive into conclusions using inductive and deductive information

Hong Kong Litigation Law Firm: Professionals Skilled at Litigation

There are many different types of litigation lawyers active in the litigation firm in Hong Kong. They deal with civil cases, cases regarding taxes, commercial and probate cases, matrimonial and divorce cases and many more.  And as Hong is considered as an International Capital where many interactions take place in international level most of the companies and organizations in Hong Kong have their own in-house litigation lawyers who work only for them. For the roles of litigation lawyers, click here to read the inteseting article.

Hong Kong Litigation Firm comprises professional experts who are skilled and talented. Since their standards are maintained at a very high level by the two associations which are the Law civilization of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Bar Association their service to the law field is so immense. Accordingly, the process of litigation by a litigation lawyer in Hong Kong is as follows: Getting prepared for a trial before the law suit is filed

  • Conducting researches, discovering evidence and preparing the documents needed to support his or her argument
  • Advising the client about the current position about the case
  • Filing the law suit
  • Gathering substantial evidences, taking dispositions and arguing interlocutory motions
  • Communicating with the opposing party

Two Aspects of the Works of a Litigation Lawyer in Hong Kong:  Appearing the Court and Listening to the Client

The litigation law firm in Hong Kong is a strong law firm that many legal procedures take place. Litigation is regarded as a very complicated area to handle as litigation lawyers handle hundreds of cases at the same time. And since Hong Kong is an international city Hong Kong litigation lawyers are often expected to act non-resident individuals and organizations. Thus lawyers in the Hong Kong Litigation firm assist not only local litigation cases but also international cases. They assist with alternative dispute resolution and mediation if it they are convenient for the cases while rushing into trials when settling the cases without appearing in the High Court is impossible.

Consequently, the three simple steps followed by litigation lawyers in Hong Kong when initiating a case is as follows.

  • Listening to the clients closely and understanding the situation
  • Structuring the case while attempting to safeguard and defend the legal rights of the client.
  • Taking appropriate steps in order to resolve the issues of the client while attempting to settle the case without appearing in the High Court as it will save both the time and money of the client.

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